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400 Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50309


A pop-up marketplace featuring handmade and vintage goods, original art, and exquisite crafts. May 16th and November 27, 2015.


Vendor F.A.Q.s

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Applying and Registering

Q. What is Market Day?

We're an occasional craft show in Des Moines, Iowa. We've been around for 32 shows and 6 years. Between 30-70 vendors participate in each event. We see 600-3000 shoppers each Market Day. 

Q. How can I participate in Market Day?

Apply to Market Day, get accepted, register for one or more events. Show up and sell!

Q. Do I have to re-apply for every Market Day Event?

Vendors need only apply once a season. If you are accepted today, you can apply for any of our 2014 events.

Q. If I participated in Market Day last year, do I have to re-apply for 2014?

Yes, we ask that vendors reapply for each new Market Day season. This gives us a chance to preview your new work and see how you've grown as a maker.

Q. How do I reserve my space at a Market Day Event?

Registration instructions will be sent out before each Market Day registration date. Follow the registration instructions in the email sent to the email address you furnished on your application. Booths are reserved when payment is received. Registration closes the Monday prior to each event. 

Q. How large are the booths at Market day? 

Most of the booths are about 5' deep and 6' wide. Mini booths are in a restaurant booth -- about 6' wide, with a 2'x3' table (mini booth sizes can vary). Double booths are about 5' deep and 12' wide, and premiums often have generous unofficial allowances (+ higher traffic, but that's not in answer to this question). 

Q. How much does it cost?

During the regular season, mini booths are $35, regular booths are $50, premium booths (corners and freestanding booths) are $65, and jumbo booths (doubles) are $95. Black Friday booth prices will be released in the fall. 

Q. Is there space left?

Yes! Registration for each date will remain open until all booths are sold out, or the Monday before the event.

Q. Can I pick my own space?

Vendors choose their booth type and their preferred room (ballroom, lobby, or bar.) We do our best to accommodate your preferences. 

Q. Why was I given the space I was given?

A number of factors effect the placement of each vendor, including how early they registered for the event, what they make, and what other vendors in the room make.

Q. Why was I rejected from Market Day?

In general most of our rejections happen because a) we have too many vendors in their category already b) the product was not a good fit for our aesthetic, or c) the products are not made by the person who applied. If you have been rejected from Market Day, please feel free to email Dani at and ask for details on our decisions. We are happy to give advice and answer questions.


Q. What should I bring to Market Day?

Unless you rent a table from Dani, you need to bring your own table. Consider, also: cash/change, receipt paper, bags (plastic or paper), product!, tape, scissors, price tags, phone charger, business cards and promo materials, candy (for shoppers), lunch (for you), a helper. 

Q. Can I bring a helper to Market Day?

We think it's a very good idea. Having a helper in tow can help you during busy periods, and allow you to step away from you booth if you need to take a quick break.

Q. Can I bring my kids to Market Day?

We think it's a very bad idea. Managing children while vending at Market Day can be daunting and distracting. If your children do accompany you to Market Day, please make sure that they are not disruptive to you, other vendors, or shoppers.

Q. Can I bring a pet to Market Day?

You cannot bring a pet if you have a booth in the bar, for health code reasons. You can bring a pet/helper/model/mascot if you have a booth in the lobby or ballroom. Animals at Market Day must be clean, quiet, well-behaved, and non-combative. You must also make arrangements for walking or bathroom breaks.

Q. Will I have electricity?

Vendors who need to make use to lighting and electricity must supply their own lights, cables, and cords. Access to electricity is not guaranteed. If electricity is crucial to your booth, please contact Dani to make arrangements. 

Q. Will I have wifi?

We cannot guarantee wifi, but we make every effort to supply signal to all three rooms. A smart phone and Square reader is a good backup in case of low signal.

Q. What is your refund policy?

Market Day does not offer refunds. 

Q. How do I handle sales tax?

You are responsible for collecting and remitting sales tax. Your booth is your store and you are responsible for 6% sales tax on all sales. The Iowa Department of Revenue has the info you need to obtain a sales tax permit and pay your taxes.

Q. Do you provide tables and chairs?

We have chairs. We rent tables at $10 a pop. Email Dani to reserve your table.

Q. My friend/husband/wife/mother/family member makes great crafts, too. Can I sell their items at my Market Day booth?

You may show items made by you or collaboratively by you. Other makers require separate jurying and a separate booth. No exceptions!

Q. I have another craft show on the same day as Market Day. Can I send my friend/sister/mom/person to sell my wares for me?

No. The maker who applied must be present at all times. The "meet your maker" aspect of Market Day is something that we take great pride in. Let the shoppers meet you!